The Right People - With the Right Skills - Doing the Right Thing

What should companies consider when deciding on succession planning, hiring and talent development assessments?


The Quantum Performance Group recommends a "whole person" approach where companies never rely on any single instrument.


Behavior assessments like Predictive Index and others, including DISC, are strictly behavioral assessments and as the name implies-- "predictions" of success based solely from a behavioral standpoint.


We've seen too many times where someone's behavior is ideal for a position, but it's their engagement, motivation, passion or decision-making (as measured by additional profiles) that make the difference in their success.


The Quantum Performance Group incorporates three separate and distinctive assessments* to assist organizations in succession planning, hiring and talent development:


Behavior Assessment - DISC Styles Behavior Report


Assessing Motivation - Human Workforce Motivator Assessment


Decision-Making Ability - Hartman Value Profile (HVP)


The HVP is built upon the Nobel Peace Prize-nominated research of Dr. Robert S. Hartman and the science of Axiology**.